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Kainuu Vocational College is the largest and the most versatile vocational educational unit in the Region of Kainuu in Finland. Its main task is to support the economical development of the Kainuu Region. It also gives good competence to young and adult students to get skills and knowledge in different professions. It also offers a good start to continue studies to higher education (polytechnics and universities).

The Region of Kainuu is a part of sparsely inhabited North-Finland. Characteristic to Kainuu is vast number of forests (95 % of land area) and a fresh nature. Anyway there are the good connections to Europe (transportation nets by electronic communications, roads, railways and air-traffic).

In the Region of Kainuu there are 88.000 inhabitants, total land area is 24.000 km2 . The regional capital, the City of Kajaani (established in year 1651) has 38.000 inhabitants.

Facts and figures about Kainuu Vocational College:
– community enterprise owned by the Kainuu Region Joint Municipality
– budget: year 2008 about 36 Million €
– 6 separate sites in Kajaani and separate units in Vuokatti, Kuhmo, Suomussalmi and Kuusamo
– 3900 full time students (2500 young (16-19 years old), 1500 adult)
– full time staff about 420 (315 teachers, 105 administrative and support personnel)
– all units connected with intranet and internet connections

Seven educational sectors:
1. Culture: crafts and design, audiovisual communication, music. 300 students.
2. Natural resources and the environment: agriculture, horticulture, forestry.
3. Business and administration.
4. Health and Social Services:  practical nurse, hairdressing.
5. Technology and transport: vehicle technology, logistics, machinery and metal, maintenance technology, construction technology, paper and chemical industry, wood industry, electrical ingineering, food production.
6. Tourism, catering and Home Economics: hotel, restaurant and catering field, tourism, home economics.