FlorCert florist education is a handcrafted high quality initial training, which does not require any prior knowledge. You should enjoy working with the world’s finest materials and which to develop the creative floristic side.
This training is aimed to professionals who lack formal education and basic theoretical knowledge, as well to non-professionals yet.


Florist Aim of the subject:
The teaching of the subject florist will aim to develop students’ ability to carry out all steps of the craft process from idea to finished product: identifying needs, planning to sketch or drawing, select appropriate materials and techniques, implement and report on the work and analyze and evaluate the results. The course will encourage students to develop initiative, resourcefulness, independence, personal responsibility, teamwork, self-drive and creativity. Students should be given the opportunity to develop creative thinking, feeling for form and an aesthetic approach. Therefore, teaching provide both knowledge of color and shape skills in design and styling. The course will lead to the students develop the ability to use the jargon of the profession and to communicate with customers, clients and suppliers. It will give students the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in a targeted sales activities that lead to good customer relations. The course will also lead to the students develop a creative approach to business and service-oriented businesses. Handicraft sector consists partly of small businesses and therefore the teaching stimulate students’ interest in entrepreneurship. In teaching the students the opportunity to develop and apply knowledge of ergonomics, occupational health and safety issues in the craft area. By teaching the students the opportunity to practice and refine the craft techniques and methods. Students should also be able to use their theoretical knowledge of the techniques and materials of different characteristic floristy work in the practic. In teaching the students get the opportunity to develop skills on how to select appropriate materials and techniques based on the proposed end product in terms of cost to environment and environmental sustainability. The course lead to the students develop the ability to use digital technologies in their work.

Florist Main contents:
The teaching of the subject florist will provide students with opportunities to develop
1 Skills in performing florist techniques. Skills in planning, selecting and using appropriate materials, techniques, tools and machinery.
2 Ability to calculate costs, materials and time.
3 Skills in performing sketch technicians, draughtsmen and technical descriptions that are relevant to the chosen field of crafts.
4 Knowledge of color and form characteristics as well as the skills to use them during the creative process.
5 Understanding of and proficiency in the use of in the floristry skill.
6 Ability to evaluate and analyze work processes and outcomes.
7 Skills in the use of digital technologies in the profession.
8 Skills in operating and maintaining the materials, tools and machinery.
9 Skills in work ergonomically and with regard to environmental, occupational health and safety.
10 Knowledge and skills in performing service and sales.

Course Content
Module 1-6 and 7 modul is the FlorCert Exam
• Composition Teaching – color, form and the use of other aesthetic effective means of floristic works
• Floristry techniques theoretical definitions and practice
• Bouquets and decorations for seasonal celebrations
• Wedding works
• Funeral works
• Traditional work
• Typical national floristic works
• Design and creative processes
• Subtitle and exposure
• Visualization of ideas and presentation in skills comprehension
• Digital tools
• Business
• Sales and Service
• Plant Physiology
• Plant Name
• Materials nature and environment
• Floristisk specialist terminology
• Style & History of art
• Internship

Time and scope
Basic modul 1-3 is 20 weeks after basic is modul 4-6 a 20 weeks training total, and two weeks Florcert exam modul . Each module builds on the previous module and instruction are located program is based on three working days in a week. Studies are planned so that you can combine them with your work. The program includes classroom, school mislaid time, self-study and practice.


After basic training
Once you have completed 3 modules, you can work in a flower shop, garden center, etc. It is possible to pursue postgraduate training module 4-6 is a 20 weeks and do the examination for FlorCert Certificate. And after a time to go on to higher Floristry.

FlorCert exam
Exam modul 1 week