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Secondary School “Arboretum Opeka” from Marčan has been educating students to obtain agricultural occupations – agricultural technician gardener, agricultural technician general, technician of fitopharmacy, technician of agritourism, assistant gardener and florist for the past 54 years. Of a recent date the school also offers the occupations of horticultural technician, forestry technician, cook and assistant cook. The school is fully equipped and the teachers and the teaching staff are continually improving their skills to better meet the needs of students of all occupations. In addition to regular secondary education, education of adults is also conducted and on school polygons dendrological plants and flowers for sale are being produced. As we are one of the first Eco-schools all our activities are directed at preserving the environment. We are also a school without violence – a member of UNICEF project through which students and all employees learn the skills of good communication and nonviolent conflict resolution. There are numerous extracurricular activities to encourage students’ own initiative such as Students’ Association with its many sections (Arranging, beekeeping, creativity section, fruit – growing section, pedology section and organic gardening). We get involved in a variety of projects that have a humanitarian character. During the eight years of participation in the National Competition of Students of Agricultural Schools we had two state champions in the discipline of Flora and Hortus, four silver medalists and won two third places. Our florists have participated in the International Competitions in Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia and have been rewarded many times. As a part of the International Exhibition of Flowers “Baroque music, flowers” we organize the International Competition for Students in Flower Arranging, a project that has offered us a chance to efficiently collaborate with the Agricultural Schools in the mentioned countries. We have successfully organized several seminars in Floristry and hosted florists from Holland, Italy, Slovenia and Germany. At the end of the school year we relax and part from our graduating students by breaking the World Record in Quadrille dancing (European Dance Festival).