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The association’s main aim is the social promotion and development of sociality; through the dissemination, promotion and organization of events and character events: cultural, touristic, artistic, traditional, food and wine. The association is a voluntary association of fact, non-profit, non-political, administratively and legally independent.

The association may then operate and act in all the fields listed above to achieve the social purpose. And for their general purpose the association intends to:

  • promote, organize and participate in the realization, in own or in collaboration with other agencies or national or foreign public and private entities, to: cultural activities, art exhibitions, photographic exhibitions, musical and theatrical performances, scholarships, conferences, festivals and concerts related to the social aim in the field of culture and tradition.
  • In the alternative, not prevalent the association will also conduct business if directed toward the achievement of social goals.
  • Manage, also for third parties, cultural activities and any other initiative relates to the social purpose.
  • Promote and manage spaces indoors and outdoors to organize events.
  • To carry out activities for the collection and management of the funds useful to the achievement of its purpose.
  • Design, implement, promote and participate in training events in the areas mentioned above.
  • Engage in any acts of promotion and cultural expression and entertainment, also organized within educational facilities and schools.
  • Promote the development of heritage of artistic, cultural, historical, environmental and natural local territory
  • Promote the exchange between different peoples and cultures.

The association is headquartered in Tussio, a hamlet of Prata d’Ansidonia (AQ), an ancient village whose records date back all’816.

The association held from 6 years of research and promotion of the territory of L’Aquila, through multiple activities related to the discovery and promotion of typical products of the inland areas (agriculture and food).

It organizes and manages teaching at grade schools and different order about the first approaches to floral art.

The association’s activities is reason to be because it operates in the area largely coincides with the “crater” of the earthquake.