Now is work with the next step for FlorCert begins! FlorCert has been the result of a former Leonardo Da Vinci, TOI-project and now has a running partnership for vocational education. The consisting partnership has members from Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia and Slovakia. Now we will continue the work and apply for Erasmus + K2 strategic partnership. This is an opportunity for new members to join! If you are involved in florist education in upper secondary level and are interested in quality insurance of the education and certification for the students and a network that enable mobility for teachers and students, FlorCert is for you!


We look for new partners to be the pilot schools from European countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, England, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Austria, Hungary and Switzerland. We are seven countries with 50 schools participating in the project FlorCert today and look forward to have you on board!.


Vocational education and training institutions can, under Erasmus+, work with others to help improve vocational education and training across Europe. VET institutions can work with enterprises, social partners, and local or regional authorities to deliver high quality vocational education and training which is relevant to national and European labour market needs. International relationships with key stakeholders, including higher education and adult learning bodies, will help to share new approaches and improve vocational education and training across Europe.


Cooperation may involve:
Exchanging new best practices;
Implementing the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) and European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training (EQAVET)
Developing and delivering new vocational teaching and training materials and methods. This can include work-based learning and the use of open educational resources and practices;
Cooperating with local or regional business communities, including economic development agencies; Building relationships across sectors to share knowledge between formal and informal education and training sectors.


The European Quality Assurance Reference Framework (EQAVET) is a reference instrument designed to help Member States promote and monitor the continuous improvement of their vocational education and training systems on the basis of commonly agreed references. The framework should not only contribute to quality improvement in VET but also, by building mutual trust between the VET systems, make it easier for a country to accept and recognise the skills and competencies acquired by learners in different countries and learning environments. EU countries use the framework to improve their quality assurance systems in a way that involves all relevant stakeholders. This includes:
setting up national reference points for quality assurance;
actively participating in the relevant European-level network;
developing a national approach aimed at improving quality assurance systems and making the best possible use of the framework.
EQAVET is a voluntary system to be used by public authorities and other bodies involved in quality assurance.”


CEO FlorCert
Mikael Sörensson