FlorCert agenda 2017

Invitation 30/4 – 2017 for FlorCert information meeting in Pescara.

Contact person: Mikael Sörensson
Telephone: +46708538188
E-mail address: info@florcert.eu

Invitation to those Organization want to become FlorCert certified member or a new tutors, teachers to be an FlorCert Expert.

Information session where, we will take up FlorCert and how it works to be an FlorCert certified member, and on how to become a FlorCert certified member. We will also go through the contract for what happens when you are a member of FlorCert.

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Meeting place: Hotel Regent, Via Cristoforo Colombo in Pescara

Sunday: 30/4-2017
11.00 – 11.15 Presentation

11.15 – ca:13.00 Information about be a FlorCert certified member.

Registration for participate in the meeting.